Examining Disease Prevention Measures within Heterogeneous Communities and Studying Effect of Migration and lockdowns

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Our Agent based model consists of

  • In our model agents move randomly

  • Each agent can either be

    • Susceptible (Blue Dots in Visualization)

    • Infected (Red Dots)

    • Removed/Recovered (Green Dots)

  • Each infected agent can infect the susceptible neighbours if there exists an S-I link in the corresponding graph within a proximity radius.

!!The Following Simulations go along with the pdf linked above to the presentation!!

The effective Ring spread

In the initial Model, we let the agents perform a 2D random walk across the city (Assumed to be in a rectangular plane for Simplicity) The agents infect using well defined rules around themselves.

We witness a ring structure propogating across the city as we can see in the simulation below :


the structure was also shown in the lectures pointing to this wonderful Science article


The fact that we get such a structure from our simple model gave us a hint that we were in right direction.

Effect of migration in City A,B and C

Then we studied the effect of Migration across the cities. In the next simulation we sampled 4 cities and initially had one agent infected in each city, we randomly choose a fixed number of people from the city and allow them to migrate from one city to another. The following simulations are the result We can see:

  • Faster spreading


  • More hotspots appeaing across the city (not just one where the infection started)


  • The infection Quickly covers the whole city


So we witnessed a seeding process of infection that lead to faster and deadlier spread of the disease.

We create a quarantine Center outside the city and send the infected individuls that are tested positive to the center.

  • We make a quarantine center outside the city so that we can send the infected patients that are reported to the centers.

  • We define a quarantine threshold as the number of days an infected individual is reported

  • Also define a quarantine Rate that is the ratio of infected individuals that are reported and thus send to quarantine.

The following shows the simulation result