Appointment With Death by Agatha Christie

This month's (September) theme for #readchristie2023 was "Hatred" of which I have none for this novel. Another gem of a novel from Christie, Appointment with Death follows a complicated family and their authoritarian matriarch. The Belgian detective Hercule Poirot hears from his hotel window "You do see, don't you, that she's got to be killed' in the prologue. Which later comes into the picture with the finesse of Christie's usual tricks.

 Appointment With Death in a gloomy location
Appointment With Death in a gloomy location

The character of Mrs Boynton in this book presents a quite clever psychological study of the mind of a tyrant. A dictator who enjoys the suffering of others, Mrs Boynton's appointment with death was fixed from the very first chapter. And by the time the death occurs you learn to hate the character so much that you wish the end goes the Death on the Nile way. With many call backs from previous Christie stories, for a seasoned fan Appointment with Death is more than a simple whodunit.

After reading so much Christie I was pretty much confident on who had committed the murder and yet one must never take her lightly. She brings about more twists and turns as the story progresses.

This year has been good for reading for me. I started the year with a decision to read atleast 1 Christie book each month. And it has been going well. I hope I can keep it up for the last 2 months.